Lycon Eyebrow Wax


LYCON Eyebrow Wax is similar to Lycojet Desert Rose and Lavender wax, the new eye brow wax can pull hair as short as 1mm, is super pliable and soothing on the skin. Calendula oil, from Marigold flowers has many benefits such as an ability to minimize swelling and bruising as well as reduce pain and sensitivity. This wax can be used on any area of the body, it is especially effective on the short, stubborn and fine hairs on the face.
watch Lycon eyebrow wax in action>>
 24 per case

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    LYCON Eyebrow Wax is designed specifically for the face and brow waxing! With Calendula oil from the Marigolds. which are known to contain flavonoids and Vitamin C.
    *Note: product usage is approximately 4-8g of wax per eyebrow which means a 500g block can yield 125-163 eyebrow waxes
    NEW! Half-sized blocks!
    500g, 24 per case
    Lycon eyebrow waxing video>>
    Dimensions 4 × 2.5 in