Harley Aloe Hard Wax


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Harley Aloe Hard Wax is a great performer! And with the pearly appearance, it looks great too! Clients are satisfied and comfortable, because this wax melts at a low temperature. Harley Aloe Hard Wax will remove hairs as short as 1mm in the most stubborn areas.

Buy Five Get One FREE. 

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Where can it be used?

This product can be used for both male & female clients.
•Facial – Brow, lip, chin, beard, nose and ear
•Body – Underarm, bikini, Hollywood and Brazilian,



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    Harley Aloe Hard Wax is perfect for smaller more intimate areas. For a comfortable client, always use Harley Aloe Hard Wax with our Harley Pre-Waxing Oil and Harley After Care Oil.

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